About Us

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In the Fall of 2001, Florida businessman Rod Khleif and his brother Ed Jacobs began to reflect on their life’s many blessings. With the holiday season approaching and their families’ needs met, they decided that rather than watch football on Thanksgiving Day, they would find a way to make a contribution of their abundance to local families who were less fortunate. Inspired, they decided to personally create and distribute food baskets, filled with many of the traditional Thanksgiving fare, with the hope that other families could also experience love and celebration on that Thanksgiving Day.

Thus, the Tiny Hands Foundation was founded. Under the subsidy of Rod Khleif, with funding from his real estate endeavors the organization has since fed thousands of families around Sarasota and throughout Southwest Florida. Their initial offering has affectionately become known as the Holiday Basket Brigade which each year delivers thousands of food baskets containing all the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving Day Feast along with Christmas treats and toys to those less fortunate within our community. Rod realized that by gifting families with a single holiday meal, that the effects could go beyond measure. His personal motivation was to foster an exchange of generosity and gratitude between community members with far ranging demographics. This single act of kindness could inspire recipients to improve the quality of their lives as well as motivate the fortunate to assist those in their community who are in need.

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Under the subsidy of Rod Khleif, the foundation has grown significantly since its humble beginnings. With the assistance of his employees along with his family, friends, corporate sponsors and volunteers, The Tiny Hands Foundation has led charitable initiatives benefiting over 55,000 children since November 17, 2001.

The Tiny Hands Foundation’s core mission is to improve the quality of life for impoverished children in our area. We promote an exchange of generosity and gratitude between the fortunate in our community and those who are in need. We are a small non-profit, have no paid staff, pay no rent, and our administrative costs are minimal.